Breede River Valley

The Breede River Valley is incomparable in beauty and wonder. Nestled in the Western Cape of South Africa, its picturesque fruit orchards and vineyards please the palate in addition to the eyes. The area is primarily made up of farming communities with small, quaint towns who feature mouth-watering home-style restaurants and welcoming bed and breakfasts. The towns of Montagu, Tulbagh, Bonnievale, Ashton, McGregor, and Robertson are similar in stature and style but each has its own specific charm that is unparalleled by the others. The Breede River Valley is a beautiful place to travel in part due to the communities that you can meet and explore in its bosom.
It’s an area of simplicity, restoration, and relaxation.

The area produces nearly a fifth of South Africa’s wine and the wine tour that winds through it draws visitors from around the world. The wine is abundant here thanks to the warm weather and plentiful rainfall that spreads across the wide, flat valley. There is a balanced mix of snow on the mountains and rain the winter that is then contrasted by warm sunshine throughout a long summer. As the Mediterranean-type climate and terrain meets the mountains on its edges a fertile area is nurtured.

Most of the visitors who come to the Breede River Valley live full-time in Cape Town and escape to this beautiful area for weekend get-aways and short, relaxing stays.
It’s only an hour away from the city and is easily accessible with routes connecting the city and valley.
Breede River Valley-Video 

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